Obama to address climate change, existing coal plants in 2nd term

Maybe he can stop climate change by executive order?

“President Barack Obama’s second-term energy agenda is taking shape and, despite the departure of key Cabinet officials, it looks a lot like the first: more reliance on renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, and expanded production of oil and natural gas. Obama also is promising to address climate change, an issue he has acknowledged was sometimes overlooked during his first term.” [AP]

One thought on “Obama to address climate change, existing coal plants in 2nd term”

  1. Renewables have had their turn at the government trough. It’s time to quit filling the trough and let the renewables stand or fall on their merits. The environmental benefits of renewables become obvious environmental burdens when you realize their real costs accurately reflect their environmental effects.
    I’m for energy that works and that means the least expensive, most reliable forms. Especially for the truly poor who need clean water and reliable transportation.

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