Obama okays wind farm killing 15 bald eagles yearly

No doubt he’ll blame their deaths on George Bush and the banned DDT.

“A bitterly contested wind farm proposed for Goodhue County got the go-ahead Wednesday to pursue a permit that would allow it to legally kill or injure eagles, in what could be the first case of federal authorities issuing a license to kill the protected national symbol. The 48-turbine project would kill at most eight to 15 eagles a year, a number that would not harm the local population, federal officials said in a letter to state regulators. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said its estimate does not include possible strategies to reduce the number of eagles killed and, that if a permit is eventually granted, the goal would be a much lower figure.” [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]

3 thoughts on “Obama okays wind farm killing 15 bald eagles yearly”

  1. Unfortunately Bill is wrong. Probably all wind turbines operators get unpurposeful take permits that allow killing eagles with no reporting the number/type of birds to be killed.

  2. It is illegal to kill bald eagles, or even own a feather, unless you are the federal government granting waivers. This seems to be its wont with all laws that interfere with its agenda.

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