Obama EPA regs threaten 1,000 Navajo jobs

“In their zeal, Obama team willing to sacrifice Navajos’ jobs.”

“The coal mine that produces the fuel and the power plant itself together represent about 1,000 jobs, filled mostly by Navajos. To say that the uncertainty generated by the EPA’s decisions is causing anxiety among those few, lucky, working Navajos is a gross understatement.” [Arizona Republic]

3 thoughts on “Obama EPA regs threaten 1,000 Navajo jobs”

  1. I don’t believe I ever read a discussion of a rule by EPA that the supposed economic benefits or environmental benefits didn’t outweigh any small job losses. In fact, if they mention employment, they usually find that this rule will increase employment. I’m sure the new rule considered the plight of the Navajo’s and came up with rosy projections of their improved well-being since they do have to consider the potential affects on Indian country.

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