NYTimes: Your Biggest Carbon Sin May Be Air Travel

The global aviation industry could shutdown today and forever, and it would make scant difference in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

“The United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization is convening a multinational meeting in September on the airlines issue, one of the thorniest in climate change.” [New York Times]


  1. “convening a multinational meeting”

    An internet teleconference, I presume.

    NAH !!! They’ll jet to somewhere exotic!

  2. H’m.
    1. The NY Times is the daily journal of the “progressive” dream.
    2. The “progressive” dream is supposed to be freedom and equality and lots of material goods for the masses.
    3. The “progressive” agenda always raises costs and limits freedom.
    4. The “progressive” agenda means keeping the masses in our places and, if feasible, lowering those places.
    5. The NY Times is clearly against the interest of the masses.


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