1. This is really amazing. Who gave them control of the language? If the weather is mild it’s regarded as “unseasonably mild” and becomes part of extreme weather. I’m awestruck how these guys have segued from the term “Global Warming” to “Extreme Weather” without missing a beat. There was no great announcement that this was what they were going to do. It just happened.

    What is the most incredible thing about this is they don’t see how really STUPID they are. All I can do is shake my head.

  2. The lefty press/MSM would have no power had we not allowed our educational system to be so abysmally dumbed down and corrupted.

  3. It gets cold in Russia in the winter? Migosh, someone should have told Napoleon and Hitler. Probably gets hot in the southern hemisphere, too. Sure signs of global warming.

  4. This is a bit like the shifting definition of “overweight”. If you flag every weather event that annoys more than five people as “extreme”, you get to talk about “extreme” weather a lot. If you insist that the event be statistically signficiant — that is, 2.5SD off the average — you get a lot less “extreme” weather.
    Due to the shape of a bell curve, a small shift in the threshhold for “extreme” or “overweight” will bring in or drop out a lot of individual measurements.

  5. Libtards need to start looking for a word beyond extreme, as they are wearing it out pretty quickly.

    I see another item that California is facing “epic” cold. Is that where we are headed, EPIC weather?

  6. It is funny. Supposedly educated people claiming a year of extremes, when a simple look at the weather trends show no trend in ‘extremes’.

  7. Gamecock (I take it you are a former graduate of Univ of SC as I am – or maybe just a fan) you make a good point. There’s only so much apocalyptic talk that people can take and then they get burned out from it.


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