5 thoughts on “NYTimes: Enjoying Snow, While We Still Have It”

  1. The NRDC is a gang of watermelon-flavored Luddites. Their local variant, Northern Plains Resource Council, would like to take the prairie back to pre-Columbian condition. In fact I think they want to revert to conditions before First Americans came over Beringia.
    There’s no evidence that any area has had a lasting change in its snow season. Here in Billings, we usually get the first snow in October and the last in May. I’ve seen snow in September, but not yet in June.
    An anecdote is only that, but the data support the idea that snow seasons vary along with all other weather phenomena.

  2. Very clever. Move the date to 2100 and no one will be alive then who can announce how completely wrong the prediction was.

    Do these people use crystal balls, because their prediction are starting to look more and more like the methods psychics use and less and less like any kind of science.

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