New Scientist: US is wealthy but not healthy

The slight statistical edge in life expectancy some other developed nations supposedly have over the U.S. is pretty meaningless and certainly not a sign that the U.S. is not “healthy.”

“Wealthy it may be, but healthy it is not. The US population experiences poorer health at all stages of life than the populations of 16 other rich countries.” [New Scientist]

2 thoughts on “New Scientist: US is wealthy but not healthy”

  1. Well, if Christianity is a measure of American lifestyle, there would be a better spread of wealth amongst its citizens. That has nothing to do with government, more to do with justice.

  2. The United States (as a legal entity) is not wealthy. The cumulative private property owned by its citizens does amount to much wealth, but that wealth does not belong to the US (yet). The repeated use of the phrase that the US is wealthy insidiously implies that the private wealth is owned by the state and/or is at its disposal, much like was the case in the USSR. The repeated use subtly inculcates and inures that it is OK for the state to seize ones property and makes the citizenry less sensitive to creeping encroachment of state control.

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