New Scientist: Has global warming ground to a halt?

Natural cooling is to blame…

“Atmospheric warming has certainly slowed greatly in the past decade. The Met Office says this appears to be due to natural cycles that are counteracting the warming effect of greenhouse gases. After incorporating new analysis of natural cycles into its latest model of atmospheric and ocean circulation, it has concluded that we are in for a few more years of little change.” [New Scientist]

One thought on “New Scientist: Has global warming ground to a halt?”

  1. “The Met Office admits that we still know far too little about how these natural cycles work, and how big they are.”

    “The 11-year solar cycle has a small effect…”

    If they know so little how can they be so sure about this. I would have thought that the sun would have been the first object of study. Surely it and geothermal heat as the sources of climate variation the most likely candidates and trivial changes in the mix of atmospheric gases the most unlikely!

    BTW has the greenhouse effect been demonstrated in the real world – empirical evidence, not models?

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