New England Journal of Medicine Commentary: Ban assault weapons

From the authors: “Our niece might be alive today if she hadn’t had easy access to a handgun at 18.” So what’s that got to do with so-called “assault weapons”? Also note the inclusion of 24-year-olds as “children.”

[New England Journal of Medicine]

5 thoughts on “New England Journal of Medicine Commentary: Ban assault weapons”

  1. I agree. I want to be able to walk down mainstreet with impunity with my Colt 45’s (still a great gun) on both hips when I visit the USA. Nobody gonna take that away from me !! Do you think I’m kidding? And if people talk of killing themselves, they should be treated for depression (see my other posts).

  2. You folks STILL think it’s all about stats, and facts, and rational arguments?

    The FBI’s recently released annual crime report (as usual) shows that deaths by rifle — the firearm typically targeted by legislative bans under the “assault weapons” moniker — are far outnumbered by deaths due to hands & fists, as well as by those due to hammers and clubs. Many medical studies have clearly, scientifically shown that stricter levels of gun control result in WORSE public health and crime statistics than do less strict levels. And hand gun bans have been shown (in D.C., and elsewhere) to be of questionable Constitutionality, and therefore not a good route to get rid of public weaponry. These are all established facts that anyone can look up.

    But if facts were important, then DDT would never have been questioned, let alone banned (let’s not even start in on CO2 & CFCs & BPA etc.), and a serious scientific journal would never have published this pap, instead laughing the authors right out the front door. Facts, then, are obviously not what’s important here.

  3. Cars kill 50% more people in the US each year than guns. Should we ban cars first to save as many lives as possible as fast as possible?

  4. I’m very impressed by their statistics. More deaths from shooting than cancer for 1-24 age group. I’m willing to bet there are more deaths from shooting than heart attacks for that group, also. The bit about their niece is touching and you might assume suicide. If so, are they saying that firearms cause suicide and we would prevent suicides by banning assault weapons? This piece is high on emotion and low on logic.

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