National Journal: Why John Kerry Should Treat Climate Change as a National Security Issue

The Himalayan glacier scare was exposed as imaginary in the aftermath of Climategate 1.0 — but it lives on at the Natioanl Journal.

“For centuries, the glaciers of the Western Himalayas have fed the Indus River, which flows down the mountains through India and into Pakistan, where it runs the length of the country to the Arabian Sea. In both countries, the river is a crucial source of water for livestock, irrigation, drinking—essential to life and livelihood for millions of people.” [National Journal]

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  1. John Kerry and Barack Obama love the idea of using climate issues as national security issues. That’s why I voted for the adult who was running.
    The Himalayn glacier story may have been debunked among thinking people but all of CAGW has been debunked among thinking people. Alas, the voters gave power to the nanny-bullies.


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