5 thoughts on “Mother Jones: Planet could get ‘baked to a cinder’”

  1. Howdy Brian G
    According to scans I’ve seen out here on the ‘tubes, “progressives” over the last century have worried about both warming and cooling and whether they could blame it on humans.
    The biggest goal of “progressives” has been “universal health care” because it can be a wedge to all kinds of nanny-bully fun.

  2. So what did “progressives” in Western countries worry about 50, 100 years ago?

    Labor unions, I suppose. A the Soviet Union not getting treated “fairly.” Whatever it was, it could not have been any worse then listening to them bitch about “global warming.” This has to be the ultimate of their “just can’t stand it” repertoire

  3. “It’s because we haven’t had a hundred years of trying”? I thought it was because the warming stopped, the lies have been exposed and people aren’t buying the scam. On the other hand, scamming does take a long time, though if the world starts getting those nasty stratospheric warming events and people are freezing, it may take more creative marketing to fund the lie.

  4. Eventually the sun will expand into a red giant and the Earth will be baked into a cinder, more likely vaporized.
    Meantime, the highest absurd predictions of temperature changes work out to an average temp of — about 16C or about 55F. That isn’t baking.
    Mother Jones’ own chart, which surely shows the highest possible changes, shows the areas that are warmest now will change the least. The areas that would warm the most if the chart is correct are the ones that are so cold that the change really won’t matter.
    “Baked to a cinder” indeed. Hyperbole is the warmists’ habit but not their friend.

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