2 thoughts on “Mann vs. National Review and CEI pleadings”

  1. Over half is completely irrelevant to the matter at hand and makes up several facts whole-cloth in the table of contents alone (Theft of CRU e-mails) and references numerous “investigations” that were universally panned by anyone who took three looks at them. Even some supporters of the CRU got annoyed, saying that whitewashes that did not even put up a pretense of an investigation (to the point of being simply an interview of the defendants and taking their word for it) did nothing but promote conspiracy theories.

    In fact, from what I could stomach to read, these whitewashes seem make up the entirety of his argument. This 60+ page document boils down to “I was exonerated by these people and they still called me a fraud”, therefore I’m suing the pants off. The fact that these investigations were specifically called into question by the CEI is not referenced. This is like OJ Simpson suing people for calling him a murderer.

  2. Boo hoo. The case involves defamation, global warming has been ruled out as an issue. No joy.

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