14 thoughts on “Liberal Philanthropy: Planned Parenthood off-ed a record 333,964 babies last year”

  1. BOH – Anyone who has studied genetics and embryology can tell you without any doubts, that the evidence is clear that the “zygote” is genetically independent of the mother. By the time it’s at 3 weeks gestation, it already has a pumping heart. Most women do not even know they are pregnant by that time. It’s never just a “lump of flesh”.
    To simply legalize abortion because of the lengths people will go to get one does not make any sense. Will we legalize robbery because people are poor and can’t get make enough money to afford their food? Legalized abortion seems to simply be a bandaid treatment for deeper issues that will only escalate over time.

  2. You really believe the dead children are not trophies for the anti-gun crowd? Without them, the anti-gun movement has nothing. Taking guns away required dead people. Saying one cares and really caring are not the same thing. (You may find this offensive, but I cannot find any argument that proves it wrong. Without dead people, where would the anti-gun group be?)

  3. IF we were talking science, the answer would be that a fetus is a human being separate from the mother–with different DNA. The baby is in temporary residence inside the mother and is a separate human being. It was politics that trashed the science. It was religion that gave us the “if the baby never breathed” aspect which is popular for defining life. Not to mention we use fetus and baby interchangeably whenever it suits our purpose. Science uses one definition.

  4. Steve, to point out the hypocrisy, you would need to find an example of them doing just that. I haven’t been able to find a source for that today, but I remember hearing about a connection between heat waves and misccaige.

    Without that link, this just reads as another anti-abortion rant, which weakens our ability to get the moderates to agree, ESPECIALLY in the light of my “beloved” governor’s actions this past week concerning Planned Parenthood in his open war on abortion.

  5. Not advocating any policy position. Only pointing out glaring hypocrisy. Be assured that if it could be proven that a zygote was harmed by, say, manmade greenhouse gas emissions, each zygote would be considered life — at least for the limited purpose of increasing clean energy subsidies. 🙂

    As to the value of zygotes, by the very nature of their newness, people are less invested in them and, hence, are less upset by their loss. That, however, does not mean they are not a stage of life.

  6. Mr. Milloy, I do believe that you are asserting the most important question. Is a zygote a life, a potential life, or a lump of flesh? Upon this question stands the enitre debate.

    It can be rationally argued that the hypocrites are those who believe a fetus is a life and are not bombing abortion clinics. After all, saving a baby or twenty is certainly worth one’s own life. Similarly, if a zygote is just a lump of flesh, then any restriction upon abortion is a crime against humanity, being effectively enslavement. There is no hypocrisy present in the counter-argument. It is logically sound.

    I believe the proper interpretation is that a zygote or fetus represents a potential life. The loss of a fetus is a waste and a sadness. However, it is far less than the loss of a child.

    Furthermore, given the sheer length that people will go to obtain abortions legally or illegally, I feel that legalized abortion is the least of a choice of evils. The ban will be no more successful than prohibition of drugs or alcohol, and any qualified abortion law is ripe for both false rape accusations and victims being shamed into carrying a child for being unwilling to put forth a charge.

  7. Just pointing out the continuing irony and hypocrisy of the left. That said, everyone starts out as a zygote. Seems like a pretty good place to define scientifically the beginning of life. When is it justified to unnaturally end life? That’s the moral question.

  8. Steve, let’s try to stay focused here. You may disagree with the definition of birth and what is or is not murder, but that is a fundamentally religious and philisophical argument, not a science one. If you spread your nets too wide, you will catch nothing.

  9. Is Planned Parenthood eligible to claim carbon offsets or carbon credits for these abortions? The average American emits 18 tons per year and has a life expectancy of 78 years. In one year, Planned Parenthood has erased 470 million tons of future toxic carbon sewage. At California’s cap and trade price floor of $10/ton, that is a tidy $4.7 Billion for PP. What could possibly go wrong…

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