5 thoughts on “Kristof: Chemicals more dangerous than Taliban”

  1. Shampoo could cause minimal weight gain if you have a lot of hair, use a lot of shampoo and then not rinse it out.

  2. If you put the minimum levels low enough then everything becomes ‘polluted’. They should take fresh spinach of the market, it’s filled with nitrates to the brim.

  3. If a reporter would use common sense rather than emotions and/or anti-business bias, he/she would ask why we are living so much longer since these products came into being. These chemicals don’t kill, they only violate EPA guidelines. A reporter exposing the unscientific methods used by EPA to attack a certain chemical or industry would be welcomed by the public who pays dearly for EPA regulations.

  4. and the effect continues with descendants of those mice, generation after generation

    Too late–might as well sit on the sofa, shampoo your hair and have a good time. We have ruined ourselves forever.

  5. The continual exaggeration of threats by comparing them to the Taliban, tobacco, etc. is going to go the way of the boy who cried wolf. Seriously, a shampoo causing weight gain is questionable at best (the shampoo did–I see the piraña personal injury lawyers lining up for this one) is as dangerous as armed madmen out to destroy the American Satan? Trust me, I far more afraid of gun and bomb wielding terrorists than my shampoo. When you label everything a “huge, end-of-the-world” threat, people stop listening to you. Big surprise.

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