8 thoughts on “Ken Kook: ‘Babies are coming into this world pre­polluted’”

  1. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts: small reductions in remote chemicals, large increase in some general nasties and infectious material of all forms

  2. Don’t use any fertilizer on your lawn or garden. Nitrates in well water have been linked to lymphoma.

  3. Why don’t they attack methanecarboxylic acid, a component of vinyl polymers? They will find a lot more of it in newborn babies than BPA. And I can tell you, it is the most disruptive chemical in my life. It interferes with my food consumption! Because of it, I will die of starvation sooner than I get cancer or an endocrine disorder.

  4. “Why do you question this?” :Because the article is enviro-hogwash, BPA is not dangerious and at what concentration were these chemicals supposely found at (if they were actually found). As for your well water, I wouldn’t be so smug about that. Let see, methane and other naturally hydrocarbons, coliforms, and parasites (oh my!).

  5. why do you question this? why make fun of a name. just say thank you GOD it wasn’t my child. I drink well-water. when I get sent to the body farm in tennessee I bet my butt & the rest of me glows in the dark at the least good luck to you fertile young people, hope for the best & love the little devils no matter the condition. miss m.

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