3 thoughts on “Jon Stewart grills Al Gore on Al Jazeera”

  1. Good interview & I agree 100% with comments of Hugh K & benofhouston. But regardless of the destination of his sale, it can only be more apparent now to his legion of acolytes that solving AGW is down to the masses, the 99%. Surely he cannot make sacrifices for the greater good, he cannot be asked to set an example to his flock, by his flock? Gore is part of the same global ruling class as the Al Thani family, the absolute monarchy of Qatar. He is in it for the money, period. And yes it is troubling that Jon Stewart must ask such questions unlike the mass media who give him an armchair ride.

  2. It is disturbing that this sort of questioning is done by a comedian while professional journalists are following the Kardashians like vultures.

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