Hypocrisy Alert: Radical Green to Enjoy 84-degree Wash. State Indoor Water Park

Maybe the Nuremberg-style skeptic trials David Roberts called for can be held there as well?

Grist.org’s Dave Roberts — who infamously suggested Nuremberg-style trials for skeptics, linked the Newtown shooting to global warming and wrote that skeptics “won’t change, but they will die” — tweeted today that his kids got a “mystery trip” for Christmas — to a Washington State indoor water park (56,000 square feet heated to 83 degrees, see below):

It looks like fun.

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 2.30.59 PM
Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 2.30.24 PM

Unless the park is powered by some magical indoor waterfall, we’ll look forward to seeing him in the docket (or pool) with us.


  1. Now that the IPCC says that the earth hasn’t warmed in 17 years, what can be done with the FRAUDSTERS? We need to develop a name for those who pushed fraud on the world.


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