HuffPost: Why Fruit Juice Is the Real Health Killer

This won’t backfire: “[My three-year old] drinks either water or milk because those are the only options we give him.”

“The Globe & Mail found a cup of orange juice had 23 grams of sugar while a can of Coke had 26 grams of sugar, if fewer total calories. But because juice is considered healthy, it’s an even bigger danger as the American Association of Pediatricians found in their study, “The Use and Misuse of Fruit Juice,” that parents don’t restrict its consumption in the way they would with pop.” [Huffington Post]

8 thoughts on “HuffPost: Why Fruit Juice Is the Real Health Killer”

  1. If the Bloombergs of the world get their way, we’ll all end up in oxygen bubbles.


  2. Gamecock: do you mean orange juice squeezed fresh from fresh oranges or orange juice plastic bottled concentrate plus sugar? If the latter then you can be thankful that your ancestors had no access to that stuff. Coke? Well that is a national heritage, so I wont comment.

  3. I can’t figure out why this is news. Forty years ago, my mother, who had only one year of college, knew that an orange was better than orange juice. She also never bought sugared cereal or soda and we never had store-bought cookies. (I pity my poor husband, whose mother is a horrible cook and fed him Oreos. I had homemade cookies. I win.)

  4. At least they expect parents to control what their children consume, as opposed to Michelle O or some faceless bureaucracy.

  5. Tee hee hee hee hee. I love it. It’s a lot like Breyer’s ingredient list: milk, cream, sugar, strawberries. Then break down the components in milk, cream and strawberries. The item with the fewest components is the sugar!

  6. Here’s a good prank idea for a food engineer, if any are reading this.

    Submit an FCS notification to FDA for components of orange peel (pick any, or list all). Tell them you want to use them in a food container material.

  7. I daydream about what I could have been if I hadn’t drunk all that Coke and orange juice when I was a kid.

  8. Y’know, I’ve long thought something of the sort. Fruit juice has more vitamins than soda, of course. Otherwise it’s a kind of feel-good soda.
    This concept seems to be heavy with the new Puritanism — anything that you enjoy is bad for your health or the environment, rather than sinful, but you are still a selfish and weak person for enjoying it.

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