HuffPost: EPA’s Water Contamination Investigation Halted In Texas After Range Resources Protest

Anti-fracking activists accuse the Obama EPA of succumbing to industry pressure — that would be a first.

“When a man in a Fort Worth suburb reported his family’s drinking water had begun “bubbling” like champagne, the federal government sounded an alarm: An oil company may have tainted their wells while drilling for natural gas. At first, the Environmental Protection Agency believed the situation was so serious that it issued a rare emergency order in late 2010 that said at least two homeowners were in immediate danger from a well saturated with flammable methane. More than a year later, the agency rescinded its mandate and refused to explain why.’ [Huffington Post]


  1. The inevitable effort by anti-frackers to confuse natural sources of gas in ground water with as yet unproven contamination from much deeper fracking operations is just another dishonest ploy.

    When a driller rightly protests this nonsense, that’s “regulatory capture” since the EPA is actually forced to prove something.

    Gas in water wells isn’t that uncommon in parts of Texas. The desperation of the anti-frackers is common everywhere.

  2. Gas in water wells is common in many parts of the country, but this case was enhanced with a fraudulent video. A judge in Texas found that the resident had created a “deceptive video”: “This demonstration was not done for scientific study but to provide local and national news media a deceptive video, calculated to alarm the public into believing the water was burning.”

    See Energy in Depth for details:

  3. The hose in the video was hooked up to my well head. It was not the water burning and we never implied that it was. You can clearly see that there was no water coming out of the hose it was only the gas from well head. If you do any research you fill find that we never said or implied it was hooked up to a water supply. The gas company, RR Com.,EPA, Fire Department, TCEQ, Justice Department, and many other where all witnesses to where and how it was hooked up. The gas company just keeps throwing dirt at me and they have the power and connections to make bullshit stick. If you look at the pictures the water coming out of the PVC pipe it does light on fire and always has. If it is common for water to light on fire in TX then TX has a real problem. The videos are not enhanced and at anytime I can light it on fire. Anyone who has been here knows that. The judge does know these facts I just wonder how he can sleep at night.
    The truth is the truth It might take years but it will finally come out. I just have a bad feeling that the statute of limitations will protect some of the corruption involved. I pray that someday someone with power will do a investigation and disclose the truth of what really happend here.

  4. What fraudulent video? The Video with the garden hose was hooked up to the well head and not a water supply. It was the gas burning only. You can clearly see there was no water coming out of it. We never implied that it was hooked up to a water supply. The RR Commission, EPA, Fire Department, TCEQ, gas company and many others new this because they all saw it. You can see in other pictures and video that the water does burn coming out of the PVC pipe witch is hooked up and coming out of the well. The judge knows these fact and after his ruling I wonder how he can sleep at night. If it is common for water to light on fire coming out of a water wells in TX then TX has some real problems. I pray that someday someone will do a real investigation to disclose the corruption and truth of what really happened here.


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