1. I love the statement: “Within the lifetimes of today’s children, scientists say, the climate could reach a state unknown in civilization.”
    As if climate was *ever* a ‘known’ state…
    We are only now beginning to figure our climate, and we frankly don’t know enough yet that we can make reliable forecasts. We learn something new every week, and everything we learn seems to change significantly how the ‘model’ would work.

  2. ‘You can’t make a thermometer tell you it’s hotter than it is’

    Of course you can – you put it somewhere close to a heat source (air conditioning unit, for example).

  3. Of course you can, if the thermometer is calibrated incorrectly, along with the myriad other ways of distorting the result intentionally or inadvertently.
    I’ve seen billboard thermometers three degrees apart in buildings across the street from one another.


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