Harvard paper blames enviros, not Obama for cap-and-trade failure

Theda Skocpol also predicts Obama will not help enviros in his second term. He certainly didn’t mention climate at today’s press conference.

“Harvard academic has put the blame squarely for America’s failure to act on climate change on environmental groups. She also argues that there is little prospect Barack Obama will put climate change on the top of his agenda in his second term. In a research paper, due to be presented at a Harvard forum next month, scholar Theda Skocpol in effect accuses the DC-based environmental groups of political malpractice, saying they were blind to extreme Republican opposition to their efforts.” [The Guardian]

One thought on “Harvard paper blames enviros, not Obama for cap-and-trade failure”

  1. Cap-and-trade was always a political non-starter and the inevitable collapse of its remaining vestiges will just cement this.

    Al Gore’s run-away-run-away act with his green network is just the start of this collapse. Fracked natural gas will wash away a lot of really dumb ideas.

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