6 thoughts on “Hansen fundraises to keep Haitians in the dark”

  1. This is, at best, a teeny-tiny bandaid to alleviate the consciences of liberals who will walk way thinking, “Wow, I gave light to the Haitians.”

  2. Nothing like a huge ego, he compares himself go Galileo… The most amazing item though is this reference to ‘climate stabilization’. What is a stable climate? The last time I checked, the history of the world was a history of ice ages, droughts, floods, and freezes. When was this stable climate he refers to? The age of dinosaurs?

  3. Perhaps Jim could consult with the local voodoo practitioners. Their expertise could be crucial in adjusting Hansen’s GCMs and about as valid as anything he’s using.

  4. I disagree with you here, as a constant, repeating expense for resource consuming kerosene, candles, etc. can be eliminated with a one-time fixed expenditure, and the prospect for producing the items in Haiti provides income earning opportunities for the island.

    Sadly, political corruption has snuffed out most economic ventures on the island, so the prospects for manufacturing are dim, even while the WakaWaka can light people’s personal darkness.

  5. I don’t see anything in the article which indicates that he’s against electricity and development. It seems to me that solar lamps and chargers would be a great help to Haitians while they are waiting on getting on the grid.

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