4 thoughts on “Gun Control Protester: ‘I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy’”

  1. MT, I’ve been wondering along these lines also. I think there’s a well orchestrated effort to keep the info about what weapons he actually used, very quiet. By this time it is surely well established. Any “real” journalists out there to find this out? Dunno.

  2. There are Americans who believe the 2nd Amendment is outdated. At least the one protester stated the proper goal for such people: “Repeal the 2nd Amendment.” I disagree, surely, but that’s an honest statement of a position.
    Unless that protester gets his way, though, the 2nd Amendment protects “military-style weapons” because it protects our right to arms suitable for military use. We need to keep saying this very loudly and very often.
    One more point: I’m becoming convinced that Adam Lanza carried out the Sandy Hook tragedy with his mother’s handguns. I say this because news stories have backed away from identifying the weapon(s) used and I’m sure they’d have Bushmaster plugged in as an AutoCorrect if it had been used. This is on top of the early news reports that the Bushmaster was found in Lanza’s car and an NBC clip — hard to find — that reports the same thing.

  3. And if they get human rights supporters to blink, they’ll be back with more gun control. Incrementalism is how to get people to accept what they won’t accept directly. They are trying what they think they can get away with NOW. They are standing on the bodies of children.

  4. That’s and old quote but the interesting part is that it was in the middle of a gun control rally. I wonder how many of the protesters were pro gun if that sign made it into a picture.
    I think the whole assault weapons ban push is nothing more than misdirection. Rifles, not merely just those semi-automatic rifles with certain cosmetic features, accounted for 2.55% of the weapons used in all murders in 2011. There were ~5 times more murders by knife (1694) than murders by rifle (323). They are using the least used murder weapon according to the FBI to make the case. The military looking firearms make good graphics.

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