3 thoughts on “Greenpeace Video: The Coal Conspiracy”

  1. Let’s see, there are thousands of mining jobs, railroad jobs, port jobs, etc. at risk if Greenpeace gets its way. Overseas sales help reduce our balance of payments outflow.

    What about the environment? The Powder River Basin coal is/was in high demand because it is a LOW SULPHUR type of coal — that’s why it was being used by (now closed) power plants in the U.S., even when much closer coal sources were available.

    The overseas buyers will just use other, less desirable coal for their power plants or other industrial uses if the can not buy the Powder River Basin coal. Stopping sale of PRB coal won’t help the environment and might actually cause worse pollution from other coal sources.

    Environmentalists never approve any development. Use “renewable” they say — then they block renewable site plans for wind and solar facilities due to some lizard or weed that might be affected. Nuclear is out, just because. Water power harms fish. And carbon based fuels are all “terrible.”

    Humans are a “cancer on the earth” — that’s what it boils down to. So, I’d like to see the environmentalists volunteer to be the first ones out of the life raft, if that’s the case. Oh, wait, I get it … THEY’RE more important than the rest of us….

  2. They are probably fiddling because they are trying to agree on how to finagle a handout from the Federal Gov’t – meaning you and me.

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