6 thoughts on “Greenpeace to Obama: ‘Make carbon unaffordable’”

  1. Oxygen depletion !?!? Have you actually heard people talking about it? Is that the next Big Scare?

    ” How fragile is this gol-darn planet anyway?”

    This big ol’ dirt ball will keep going around the sun, no matter what we do. All the people doing great works for Gaia, when Gaia doesn’t even care!

  2. I agree. When confronted with the basic facts of Global warming, people (even educated people) think them lies. Ask the random person on the street how much the globe has warmed by CO2 and they will answer 2-3 degrees (or more). The actual answer is 0.7C (+/- quite a bit). The expected warming is equally paltry. To compare, the Batman comics gave a high in future-Gotham of 134F explicitly due to global warming (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, analysis of popular fiction is very good at gauging popular opinion and views on things).

    People are concerned about oxygen depletion for goodness sakes. Something utterly impossible on any timescale with all known and suspected, available and unavailable fossil fuels. We would have to burn the continents themselves to make a meaningful dent in the oxygen level of the planet.

    People expect to see those sky-burning numbers given the disastrous effects that they have been told to expect. Then, they hear a maximum realistic warming number of 3F. If they allow themselves to seriously compare that number to daily swings, many then question how it would do all these crazy things that they’ve been told will surely happen. How fragile is this gol-darn planet anyway?

  3. These climate-related NGOs are very shrewd in the sense that they use the ignorance of the people they try to win on their side and and use the Goebbels method of repeating their lies until they are perceived as truths. They all use people’s fears and hopes to gain power and to keep it. Karl Marx did it – with well-known results. For him, it was the bad guy who put up factories and created jobs for people that was demonized. Now you and me are made the demons, we who go to work each morning, produce goods for these parasites to eat and consume, pay taxes for the state to pour out on their luxurious climate conferences and to publish lofty “advice” to a President who really has his hands full without this kind kind of harassment. Friends, it is time for us who pay for this farce to strike back! Not with guns and rockets this time, but with truth and dignity, like your great country (with all its faults and shortcomings) has had to do several times to save the free world. Do it again before we are overtaken by these people who oppress the poor by denying them warmth, electricity and food and who want to throw us back into the stone age to govern us with threats of imminent doom and to ascertain their own comfortable lives of idleness and luxury!

  4. I once had the (mis)fortune of being placed at a luncheon table in Brussels with 7 members of Greenpeace’s staff from France and Belgium. It was enlightening to find that all 7 of them had been member of the Communist Parties in their countries before the wall fell in Berlin. That put them out of a job and guess where they landed. Paint the hammer and sickle green.

    T. Brown

  5. It’s great when sites like this link directly to the loonies and we can see that everything Mr. Milloy says about them is true. Which I’ve always believed.
    All five of the Greenpeace points are mistaken and badly so. They are so mistaken that they may well be wilfull blindness. They are also recipes for continued grinding poverty among the world’s truly poor.
    Why exactly do “progressives” despise the poor, whom they pretend to love, and especially the Third World poor, whom they profess to love even more?

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