7 thoughts on “Gore: Weather like a walk ‘through Revelation’”

  1. Mr. Gore is simply doing his part helping Lisa Jackson save us all from increasing our own carbon footprints, because “raising cattle for beef ’causes more global warming than all the planes and automobiles in the world.'” (Brian Sussman, “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda will Dismantle America,” [Washington: WND, 2012], quoting Ms. Jackson’s HBO interview with Bill Maher on Oct. 4, 2009). In the meantime, their goal is to force Americans into strict compliance with the new, FDA approved Thomas Malthus weight loss plan.

  2. I accidentally saw Mr. Gore and his ever expanding girth on Dave Letterman last night. He maintained a contorted posture on the sofa beside Letterman’s desk in such a manner that he looked very much like Jabba the Hutt. Doesn’t Gore realize that with all that excess caloric consumption he is contributing disproportionately toward resource depletion on the Earth!

  3. You’re quite right. However, I simply chose to add a biblicist’s point of view on the one passage Mr. Gore bitterly clings to, ad nauseum. And after watching him spew his false prophecies yesterday on Lauer and Letterman, I found myself wondering if he stays in touch with Mr. James Lovelock, who at least seems to have read Rom. 1:25, and repented.

  4. There are several passages about false prophets that are far more relevant where Gore and his ilk are concerned.

  5. Exactly. A year or two at Vanderbilt University Divinity School does not a theological education make. Mr. Gore has been quoting the horrors of the Revelation for some time now, and specifically Rev. 11:18, “and to destroy them which destroy the earth.” Listen to a true biblical scholar’s take: “This refers to those spirit beings who have followed the one called the Destroyer. They are carefully separated from those who are called the nations (i.e., humankind).” (Donald Grey Barnhouse, “Revelation: An Expository Commentary,” [Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1971], p. 210). Mr. Gore needs to matriculate at a good Bible college somewhere.

  6. To quote Heinlein: “Weather is as Uncle the Mighty wills it” (Farnham’s Freehold). We have evidence of extreme weather events throughout human history, human legend and our fossil records. The cost of extreme weather events in terms of dollars has risen as humans have built stuff that weather damages or destroys. The cost in human lives has dropped, especially (I suspect) from famine because a generous world brings food to those who need it. The count of “extreme” weather events seems to be stable but who knows? Not Al Gore, that’s for sure.

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