2 thoughts on “Global mercury treaty will take decades to work”

  1. It semms that no amount of science can deter these environmental anti-industrialism agendas. As the Canadian newspaper coverage [http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2013/01/19/mercury-levels-un.html]noted, their aim is to “cut mercury pollution from mining, utility plants and a host of products and industrial processes, by setting enforceable limits and encouraging shifts to alternatives in which mercury is not used, released or emitted.” It also pointed out that the treaty was propelled forward, thanks to Obama.

    The UN’s report, Mercury-Time to Act, which it released with this treaty, is filled with all the same anti-mercury environmental junkscience that’s been repeated (and debunked) for years. [http://www.unep.org/PDF/PressReleases/Mercury_TimeToAct.pdf]

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