Gawker writer says cold weather is ‘worse than the Holocaust’

What happens when twits tweet.

“Travis Okulski, the senior writer and second name on the masthead for Gawker Media’s car blog Jalopnik, compared the cold snap that has struck the East Coast with the Holocaust.”


4 thoughts on “Gawker writer says cold weather is ‘worse than the Holocaust’”

  1. Advice from my dad: “If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a million times – Don’t Exaggerate!”
    Actually his use of the phrase “I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say…” to introduce a whopper of an exaggeration is deliciously ironic – and a betrayal of his ignorance.

  2. Well, yes, it was a stupid comment.
    By and large, though, cold weather is more of a health threat than warm weather or even heat waves. Outlier weather events can injure or kill people and they have done so for as long as we have records.
    Although the anti-DDT crowd probably did not intend to kill more people than the Holocaust did, the fact is that the DDT ban has resulted in more deaths than the Holocaust did. And continues to kill many.

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