5 thoughts on “Full List of 23 Executive Actions in Gun Violence Reduction Measures”

  1. What’s killing american’s is drugs..both legal and illegal. We’ve spent Millions/maybe Billions trying to ban them on the street. It didn’t work and neither will the ban on these 23 listed weapons.

    Guns are part of our daily lifes….They don’t take life’s..the save life’s

  2. So what business is it of the medical profession that I have weapons in my house or what training do they have that allows them to inform me how to handle them safely. I am a 30 year retired army combat veteran so I would think that my knowledge about weapons would be more in-depth then theirs.

  3. Saw this through Instapundit and Everlasting Phelps also. As Mr. Phelps notes, the 23 items are all available as executive orders without needing legislation. They are also any mix of these three: a) things government is supposed to be doing already, b) things somebody else is doing better than the government would or c) utterly irrelevant to the kind of crime the task force was supposed to address.

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