Former Obama ‘car czar’ likens Paul Krugman’s economic analysis to climate change denial

“[T]o me, being a debt denier is the same thing as being a climate change denier.”

“On Monday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe,” New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman argued that “deficit things” aren’t something to be worried about, at least for the time being. But according to Steve Rattner, the Obama administration’s former “car czar,” Krugman’s analysis is the economic equivalent of climate change denial.” [Daily Caller]


  1. Well, there’s no problem then.

    Climate change denial is unlikely to hurt anyone – ever !

    Unlike climate action which has horrible consequences for all but the extremely wealthy and powerful !

  2. Paul Krugman personifies that old adage:
    A dumbass with a PhD is still a dumbass!

    And Steve Rattner doesn’t seem any better.

  3. This brings to mind the exchanges we’ve had about evolution and AGW. I’m a climate sceptic — heck, I’ll take the term “denier” — and I also know that deficits are dangerous. Either I’m a master of cognitive dissonance or this Rattner fellow is. I’m betting on Rattner; anyone who would take on Obama’s “car czar” job has to be fuzzy.


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