For Some, Views on Global Warming Change With the Weather

“While Republicans and Democrats tended to stick to their guns on whether or not climate change is real, Independent voters quickly changed their mind on the issue as short-term weather patterns blew through, the U.S. researchers found.”

“Independent voters were less likely to believe that climate change was caused by humans on unseasonably cool days and more likely to believe that climate change was caused by humans on unseasonably warm days,” Lawrence Hamilton, a professor of sociology at the University of New Hampshire, said in a university news release. [US News]


  1. The best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter. — Churchill

  2. Can you say “hasty generalization?” You can? Say it, please. “Hasty generalization.” There, I knew you could!
    (with apologies to Fred Rogers)
    Seriously, though, this looks like a veiled ad hominem against the ‘Tea aprtiers.” The most thoughtful people I have seen in political discussions are fed up with the superficial partisanship that overwhelms rational thought in the political arena, and cannot support *either* party. They are called ‘Tea Partiers’. The are also self-identified independents.
    Frankly the science of polling has become so sophisticated that it is now possible to interview anybody, and by careful phrasing of the questions asked and categorization of the answers, to represent the interviewee as having any view the pollsters choose.


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