Feds spend $80 million now to possibly save $170 million over 20 years on energy efficiency at military base

Honeywell hits the honey pot today for false and/or futile hopes of tomorrow.

“In October, Honeywell won an $80.6 million project to improve energy efficiency at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, the largest such project ever awarded by the federal government, according to Orzeske. Most such projects are in the $10 million to $15 million range, he added. The upgrades are expected to save more than $170 million over 20 years, guaranteed by Honeywell through the contract.” [FOXnews.com]

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  1. Multiply this waste by the number of bases in the USA (and some foreign countries). They are doing it at virtually every Army, Navy and Air Force base in the USA. Different companies cashing in, same result. Wind, Solar, all of the green scams. And you and your grand kids will be paying for it.


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