EPA-proposed air pollution clean-up to cost Navajo nation coal plant $500 million

“Federal regulators want the plant to install a catalytic converter for approximately $500 million. However, particles from the catalytic converter could create further pollution problems and necessitate more pollution controls, which the Salt River Project, the coal plant’s operator, said could drive the total cost into the billions.”

[Daily Caller]


  1. Whah.

    “Election officials in both San Juan and McKinley counties said Navajo precincts went for Obama over Mitt Romney by better than 2-1. In some chapters, like Tohatchi and Teec Nos Pos, the support for Obama surpassed 80 percent.”

  2. I doubt they’re “dumb injuns”. The tribe members need to be informed of what their vote consequences are. Anybody pointing this out to them?


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