7 thoughts on “Emanuel To Banks: Stop Supporting Gun Makers”

  1. Howdy BR1022
    Nope. Printing dollar bills is harmful. Producing guns produces value by the only true measure: people want to buy them.

  2. This is just one story that made ripples recently:


    The gist of it is that the local mob visited the new construction site for the new Pete’s supermarket and they said, “Hire us”. The site manager said something about competition but nonetheless offered them application forms to fill. The response was a display of guns and “You either do as told, or you’re outta here”. The same day, the Chicago Public Health inspector shows up and cites Pete’s for more than 20 safety violations, shutting down the construction. Who’s running Chicago? It’s running on its own.

  3. Firearms are a great investment at the moment. If they lose bank credit let’s get together a credit union for them. They would pay better interest than the bank, and I suspect the money would be more secure, both from bankruptcy and robbery.

  4. When you’ve governed as corruptly as Chicago Dems where they are still shearing the sheep, they don’t want armed sheep that will eventually figure out what’s going on.

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