Earliest Blooms Recorded in U.S. Due to Global Warming

So the enviros oppose more flowers?

“You could call them early bloomers: In 2010 and 2012, plants in the eastern U.S. produced flowers earlier than at any point in recorded history, a new study says.” [National Geographic]


  1. Of course, starting with Thoreau & Leopold as the world was emerging from the Dalton Minimum and Little Ice Age marks a good time to start these observations!

    From a meteorological/biological perspective, late winter surges of warmth always result in some early blooms popping out. It is survival of the fittest for plants, and if warmth continues for that year, the early bloomers get a reproductive head start!

  2. This is definitely one of those questions where the next question is, exactly how long is recorded history? And how do they know they had every flower under observation all that time?


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