8 thoughts on “Deniers ‘created equal’?”

  1. Howdy Lux
    Oh, I quite agree with you on the policy and the sliminess of spending other people’s money on stuff that fails.
    A modest president who respected the role of government would have opinions but would be very careful what opinions became the basis of policy. A modest president supports liberty as a matter of principle and as a matter of practical benefit to the nation.
    Silent Cal, we could use you now.

  2. it is not a matter of saying deniers are wrong MT, of course he can do that. the problems while denying the deniers he’s spending my money on crap that doesn’t work, nonsense that belongs in Saturday morning cartoons, and bankrupting this country for no good reason. I don’t give a rip what he says, I really give a rip about what he spends, what he legislates, and what he forces on the American people for no good reason.

    He can talk all he wants and call me an ignorant, white, anglo protestant, gun toting, God clinging, ding dang fool if he wants, I will consider the source, but he is saying all this foolishness with his hand in my pocket.

    Just saying

  3. Obama has the same right — if he believes what he says, the same duty — to say deniers are wrong as we have to say that we are right. He’s not calling for discrimination against us, no more than I’m calling for discrimination against AGW believers.
    He’s still a twit, of course. A divisive, even a mean twit.
    TOG, there’s no evidence I’m aware of that Obama is particularly intelligent. Certainly it’s not in his speeches and writing and policy. He has been successful in politics, yes, but we’ve had a lot of people succeed in politics with little wisdom or intelligence.

  4. Does this surprise anyone. The US has the most divisive president in its history. So called deniers don’t agree with his view of the world, therefore they are slammed. If Obama was truly as smar as he thinks he is, he would consider all the facts before opening his mouth and spouting the usual garbage.

  5. all men are created equal, but some are more equal than others. Barry is far more equal than others. Barry can lead without thinking, most other that are less equal must think before they act and speak. Deniers have taken the time to read the facts so they are not as equal as Barry and the other Dems. See they didn’t have to read Obamacare to lead us into chaos. They don’t have to think to lead us into gun control, they don’t have to think to explode the debt beyond imagination. The ability to lead the most powerful nation on earth without thinking at all makes them far more equal than those that actual have to read, think, and do the math. Hail Barry, or Heil Barry, can’t remember which it should be. I’ll have to think on that.

    Just saying

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