Denier Label a Way to Avoid Debt Debate

Climate debate, too.

“The term denier is a loaded one in contemporary political discourse. In common usage these days, deniers aren’t merely people who say something that others believe is not true. They are troglodyte reactionary haters who don’t accept the scientific community orthodoxy about global warming or, even worse, claim the Holocaust never happened or that 9/11 was an U.S. government or Israeli plot.” [Commentary Magazine]

2 thoughts on “Denier Label a Way to Avoid Debt Debate”

  1. How can saying no to the debt ceiling raise “hurt” the Republicans? Nothing they do is ever called anything but bad, evil, cold-hearted, etc. What’s one more name? Our country is run by 3 year olds bullying other 3 year olds into doing what they are told to do. However, watching a special on Presidents throughout history, this doesn’t really seem to out of character. Politicians after the Founding Fathers seem to be mostly power hungary narcissists who care naught about America. Seems we survive in spite of politicians, not because of them. This seems true in socialism, democracy, communism–being in charge brings out the worst in people far more than it brings out the good.

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