6 thoughts on “Dems Pit God vs. Guns: Feinstein Opens Gun Control Presser with Prayer by Clergyman”

  1. Not all Christians interpret the New Testament the same way, certainly not based on one quote. I have been told that pacifism in the early church (based on the ideology you state) turned into the Holy Wars when Christ failed to return soon and Christians were slaughtered due to their pacifism. They grew tired of waiting for God and took it upon themselves to fight a Holy War. Pacifism does lead to the slaughter of those who practice it, unless, as in the case of some religions, people depend on the “heathen” to protect them, requiring police and government to protect them while refusing to participate in either institution. Pacifism is the surest path to extinction.

  2. Why do people call themselves Christians but don’t follow Christ’s New Testament? Remember he told us to turn our other cheek. What does that mean? It means not to kill other humans even to protect yourself. He did not fight even to save himself although he has much greater power than any of our most fearful weapons. Remember ‘GOD IS LOVE! The less selfish we become and the more love we have in our hearts, the closer we are to GOD.

  3. “Progressives” told me that if I voted for Mitt Romney and Republicans that Christian theocrats would try to drive national policy. And I did and they are.

  4. There is an assumption here that NRA members do not attend nor give to churches. Let’s see if the NRA stops contributing to churches through its members if this is true. I know places where churches have turkey shoots and all kinds of activities. If I recall correctly, Obama said “cling to their God and guns”. Seems even the Candy Man knows that churches and guns DO go together. Time to stop donating to any group that does not support the second amendment. Not mention, NONE of what is being done will help in the least (even those passing the laws say this), so the clergymen are LYING. What does that say about churches??????

  5. Hall is a known lefty. I hope that he does speak for the Episcopal Church. Regardless, his prayers would be far better spent praying for the protection of and adherence to the Constitution. (His job/profession is protected by it.)

  6. “The press conference, which includes law enforcement officers”

    The Super Rev Hall and Feinstein have gun toting protection. You are not so entitled.

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