Deaf twins euthanized in Belgian hospital

While the twins may do as they please, the physicians ought to be tried for murder.

“A pair of identical twins, who were born deaf, have been killed by Belgian doctors after seeking euthanasia when they found out they would also soon go blind.” [Daily Mail]

4 thoughts on “Deaf twins euthanized in Belgian hospital”

  1. Agreed that they are free to take their own lives. But whether other people, including physicians, should help them is another matter. Also, state-sanctioned killing of mentally unstable/depressed people? While state law allow you 3 days to nullify an impulsive car purchase, how does one nullify an impulsive suicide?

  2. Question, is traditional Seppuku suicide or murder? The tradition is that the shamed samurai would stab himself in the gut and his second would decapitate him to quickly end his life. To do this without a second was a particularly gruesome, as you slowly bled out from a giant hole in your stomach.

    If suicide is legal, then there is no rational reason that public, contracted euthanasia done properly with witnesses, notaries, and signatories (to ensure it truly is consensual) should not be. It is certainly cleaner than jumping off the roof, and less disruptive than jumping in front of a train or car. It is also less likely to traumatize passerbys and uses less police time in investigation.

    Call me a cold-blooded pragmatist, but what is the difference?

  3. I’d think a list of doctors willing to commit euthansia out to be public record, both abroad and here.
    I believe we all have the right to know where our doctor is coming from on this.

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