One thought on “DC weatherman Bob Ryan ‘debunks’ cherry picking by cherry picking”

  1. I don’t know how well-defined the Little Ice Age is. I have the idea that the LIA runs roughly 1500-1850, which happens to include a lot of the Renaissance and the earliest part of the Industrial Revolution.
    Then there was a Teensy Ice Age around 1945-1975 or maybe 1950-1980.
    If the LIA ended around 1850, we’ve had about 170 years of warming with stair steps. If it ended closer to 1650, we’ve got about 350 years.
    But of course we don’t even really know that. The instrument record is too brief and too limited in space and the idea of a global average temperature is pretty flimsy. I know that because I’ve read it here and at WUWT.

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