4 thoughts on “Cuomo Close To Announcing Sweeping New Gun Control Laws”

  1. And the politicians who want to confiscate your firearms/ammo do not lack for armed security escorts for themselves and their families (including at school).

  2. 1. People in “blue” states do keep voting in their own oppressors. How much is “sheeple” effect? How much a response to government largesse?
    2. None of the three most prominent recent shooters — Lanza, Holmes or Loughner — would have triggered any of the current laws because none had felony convictions or mental health commitment records. That means that only some form of confiscation would have been of any use and confiscation simply isn’t lawful.
    3. Restrictions on semi-automatic weapons or on magazine size are also not lawful. The Miller 2nd Amendment decision said that individuals have a right to have weapons suitable for military service. That would mean weapons comparable to the M-16.
    4. People bent on destruction have used cars, bombs, arson and other methods to kill more than a hundred at one incident — but it’s true that the semi-automatic rifle or handgun, with large clip, is the weapon of choice for such killings. Such incidents are terrible but they are also extremely rare. The plural of “incident” is not “data”.
    5. We need to be more worried about why people — let’s be straightforward, why young white men — are willing to commit these awful acts. We understand the gang culture that causes most of our homicide violence better than we do the mass-killing, spree-killing issue.
    6. Nanny-staters are gun-grabbers. Coinicidence?

  3. He will be announcing more reasons for people not to go to New York, and for people who live there to move.

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