Court won't stop embryonic stem cell research

Junk science is not against the law.

“The Supreme Court won’t stop the government’s funding of embryonic stem cell research, despite some researchers’ complaints that the work relies on destroyed human embryos. The high court on Monday refused to hear an appeal from two scientists who have been challenging the funding for the work.” [AP]

Steve Milloy’s columns on ESC research.

5 thoughts on “Court won't stop embryonic stem cell research”

  1. The legislature is incompetent to discuss the effectiveness and need for this research and the moral basis is a pure religious issue. If you don’t believe in an unmeasurable or definable soul or that a sperm and egg were not alive then began being alive when combined, the moral issue is not a true moral issue but just a religious preference issue. Our constitution prevents legislation on religious preferences issues.

  2. I’m ready to call this judicial deference. There is no inherent Constitutional bar to embryonic stem cell research that I know about and the issue properly belongs with the legislature.
    There’s a legitimate debate for the legislature about the effectiveness and the moral basis of this research but the Supreme Court has long held that, absent a Constitutional issue, stupidity is the legislature’s province…

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