Clinton climate advisor asks Obama to back cap and trade

Why not? Cap-and-trade has already worked too well in California.

“President Obama should revisit cap and trade legislation if he’s serious about cutting US carbon emissions, a former climate advisor to Bill Clinton says in an open letter to the White House.” []

California started cap-and-trade on Jan. 1. Find out how well it works.

One thought on “Clinton climate advisor asks Obama to back cap and trade”

  1. I can believe Obama is serious about cutting emissions and using cap-and-trade to do it. It perfectly fits his apparent understanding of science, engineering, economics and governance. Force something that people don’t want to create a false market in worthless commodity, strangle the production of real value, and do all of that while the “recovery” itself is the worst in the post-WWII era.
    I have to fight down nausea whenever I think that we re-elected this man and too many enablers for him.

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