Claim: IPCC Temperature Projections Have Been Exceptionally Accurate

Whatever. There’s been no warming since the mid-1990s despite 8% more CO2 in the atmosphere.

“There is a new myth circulating in the climate contrarian blogosphere and mainstream media that a figure presented in the “leaked” draft Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report shows that the planet has warmed less than previous IPCC report climate model simulations predicted.” [ClimateProgress]

7 thoughts on “Claim: IPCC Temperature Projections Have Been Exceptionally Accurate”

  1. A pretty bold-faced lie considering that the temperature curve has hugged the bottom end of the prediction, only staying “predicted” via error bars large enough to “predict” anything short of an ice age.

  2. There are three degrees of lies (according to Samuel Langhorne Clemens): lies, damned lies and statistics. We can now add a fourth degree: statistics according to IPCC.

  3. “Brysse et al. (2012) also found that the IPCC has tended to underestimate or failed to account for CO2 emissions, increased rainfall in already rainy areas, continental ice sheet melting, Arctic sea ice decline, and permafrost melting. Brysse et al. concludes that the on the whole the IPCC has been too conservative in its projections, “erring on the side of least drama” — in effect preferring to be wrong on the conservative side in order to avoid criticism.”

  4. The end of that post is funny – instead of noting that the dire global catastrophe predictions totoally failed to foresee arctic ice loss, and other findings that have been attributed to global warming, they have re-defined themselves as having nobly been under-estimating the effects of global warming when they failed to mention these. Clever.

  5. Gene, love your monkey allusion! If they should ever change their name, we can use the old expression, “same monkeys, different tree”.

  6. They are grooming each other like monkeys over there at ClimateProgress. But note an interesting development in their intro:

    “…circulating in the climate contrarian blogosphere and mainstream media…”

    See anything peculiar that we haven’t heard from them before?

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