Christie Blames House GOP, Boehner For Politicizing Sandy Aid

Since the Senate bill was crammed down Boehner’s throat, possibly New Jersey Fats ought to direct his wrath elsewhere, like at his new buddy Barack who ordered Biden to craft the bill with Mitch McConnell.

“New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie didn’t hold back when calling out fellow Republicans in the continued fight to secure more federal aid for the victims of Sandy. ‘There’s only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims — the House majority and their Speaker, John Boehner,’ Christie said.”[CBS]

6 thoughts on “Christie Blames House GOP, Boehner For Politicizing Sandy Aid”

  1. Christie’s aspirations for national office are toast.

    And when did it become the responsibility of the federal government (or even a state government) to pay for the repair/restoration/replacement of damaged/lost private property? What ever became of personal/private property insurance and saving for a rainy day?

  2. The Democrat and some Republican senators who turned the Sandy bill into a massive pork bill for projects not even remotely related to Sandy are entirely to blame for this bill not being passed. Christie needs to educate himself on how a bill becomes a law so that in the future he will not appear so stupid.

  3. “Sandy Relief” is part of the Kabuki theater. The Bill is only a third Sandy relief. Write big spending bills, then put a name on it bound to get support. That’s the way of Congress.

  4. The Democrats are masters of political theater, and the “Budget Cliff” show was a masterpiece. Nearly everybody was duped and distracted by the staged illusions. The distraction is the only reason that Sandy Relief hasn’t gotten the prompt attention it deserves.
    The only one I know who wasn’t misled was an investment advisor who pointed out “The next day we will STILL be $16 TRILLION in debt and have a deficit of over $1 trillion.” Congress has not work with a budget for several years. The order of the day is to spend whatever you wish and let the country’s creditors look out for themselves. There is no money for Sandy Relief anyway – it will all be added to the debt.

  5. Christie is like every other American asking for sacrifice, except when its their turn to sacrifice. Sigh. Time to buy some more silver.

  6. There’s nothing particularly “innocent” about these people. You build/buy a home on/near the shore where hurricanes strike occasionally, and have not taken any mitigation steps/expenses, you should be responsible for the consequences – NOT the rest of us!

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