4 thoughts on “Benefits of emissions cuts kick in only next century”

  1. Descendant of the 22nd century: “My great great grandfather was the victim of a colossal fraud and wasted his money on an electric car and solar panels that proved to be meaningless.”

  2. This kind of long-range prediction, of either climate or economic conditions, may have a veneer of science but it’s closer to astrology.
    Natural forcings and variability utterly outweigh human greenhouse production in climate and weather.

  3. Original article: “Benefits of emissions cuts kick in only next century.” But the costs are paid now.

    Original article: “Our great-great-grandchildren will be cursing our delay”. No, they will be cursing our ignorance, gullibility, and stupidity.

  4. Y’know, techgm, if there WERE any benefits in the next century to cutting global warming, it would only be fair to pay that price now, because BGV’s descendant is still going to be paying off the debts of Obama and the Enablers.

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