7 thoughts on “An enviro’s solution to the national debt problem”

  1. Well, it may lead to inflation, but the current cutbacks are only making matter words. It is better to have growth and inflation that no inflation and no growth. I lost my job and nearly lost my house and my familiy ( https://debtsblog.wordpress.com/ ) becaue this country no longer can keep ownership of its own industries as my company was bought and ripped apart by a Chinese investment co.

  2. Given the number of people talking about that trillion-dollar coin nonsense, I’d say it’s a common psychosis.

  3. Oh, jeezly gah-damn. Don’t none of these catastrophist clowns have any education in political economics whatsoever? Nor common sense, neither?

    To quote Ludwig von Mises: “Government is the only institution that can take a valuable commodity like paper, and make it worthless by applying ink.”

  4. Statements like this show the ignorance of those “economists” that have no concept of what money really is. Paper is not money any more than a coupon is really money. Money by fiat is not money at all but only an imaginary representation of something else of value. Since there is no more gold standard the thing of value is the labor of Americans or the labor of whatever country we might talk about. This by implication means that since our labor is the actual capital, we are on the slave standard now. Governments now trade our labor as the standard. If you can’t produce enough you go broke, or you have to keep devaluing the value of the labor to keep up with the Jones’ or China, or Germany, or India, or whoever. Welcome to the 21st century.

    Just saying

  5. Just proves that environmental activists have no more understanding of economics as they have of science.

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