8 Reasons Why Solar Power Is Superior To Wind Power

Who knew renewables competed against each other? Aren’t there enough mandates for all?

“If you are looking at renewable energy options for power systems, it will likely come down to a decision between solar panels and wind turbines. Read on to discover eight compelling reasons to think that solar power is superior to wind power.” [GreenerIdeal]

4 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Solar Power Is Superior To Wind Power”

  1. You’d think an article like this would actually provide some evidence that solar is more reliable than wind. Wind theoretically could blow all the time, but the sun is definitely out at night and often during the days. Plus it’s my understanding you only get about 5 hours of solar on good days, and unless you have tracking gear to follow the sun, even that isn’t optimal every hour.

    This article also seems to be exclusively about ‘home solar.’ For a commercial system, the idea of cleaning the panels regularly does not sound trivial.

    Did anyone consider hail for solar? Hurricanes, falling trees?

  2. I’d have phrased this as “8 reasons solar is somewhat less stupid than wind as a primary power source.”

  3. “According to recent data from NASA and BOM, something else that counts against wind turbines is the fact that they provide less predictable energy output.”

    “Recent” seems an odd adjective to apply to data.

    It is totally predictable that solar will give you no output at night. Every night. Being predictable makes it okay?

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