5 Tips for Handling Climate Skeptics in 2013

Climate Counts has a message for Al Gore.

“A word to the wise: Whatever you do, don’t go running around, arms flailing, screaming ‘Sound the alarms! Climate change is going to kill us all!’ — people tend to respond negatively to this type of behavior.” [Huffington Post]

4 thoughts on “5 Tips for Handling Climate Skeptics in 2013”

  1. “…drastic rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide) since the industrial revolution 300 years ago that is now causing man to play a role in this process.”

    So now they extent the industrial revolution back to 1700 so they can explain the recovery from the Little Ice Age in global warming terms? That’s pretty good since James Watt didn’t produce the first practical steam engine until 1775. I so look forward to a low-information warmist to throw that one at me.

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