350.org: Obama approval of Keystone XL would ‘make a mockery’ of inaugural address

Will he or won’t he?

From the NYTimes:

“The latest pipeline review still ignores the biggest impact of Keystone XL: climate change,” said May Boeve, the executive director of 350.org, an environmental advocacy group. “The tar sands oil that would flow through Keystone XL is the dirtiest form of fuel on the planet, and burning it would have a devastating effect on our climate.”

She said the group was planning a large rally in front of the White House on Feb. 17 to urge the president to reject the pipeline.

“The decision is now firmly on President Obama’s desk,” Ms. Boeve said. “Approving Keystone XL would make a mockery of the commitment he made at the inauguration to take action on climate change.”


  1. The oil is being taken by train, so will get there one way or the other. It’s not a “will” or “won’t” question, but just “how much”. Your efforts and the money of your supporters is effectively wasted.


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